Free On-Line Web Site Advertising

I’ve had a number of conversations recently with people who have fallen on hard times. They are totally broke! No money to start their own home business, and even if they did, not a dollar to use for marketing in any shape or form… they are flat broke!!

If you have some things that you just want to give away, put it in the Free classifieds, if you are looking for specific items the Jiji are a good way for you to post what you are looking for and what you are willing to pay.

Your seat in the stadium is your website. It should be your own personal, branded website. You goal is to stand out from the crowd and if your website looks like every others out there, your prospect will click to another page. Grabbing the attention of someone is hard but showing them that you have a different vision that will help them can be harder.

The one method I use that many may not know about or just don’t use is viral list builder sites. Sites like Viralurl, List Joe, and List Bandit, you can send a solo ad out to thousands of members every week for free. With this method you can upgrade and use the mailer more often, but for a free method it is great.

Just check the classified online and in the newspaper and see if any of the garage sales that are listed are going to have handbags at them. This is a great way to find one of the cheap summer handbags and get it for a very low price.

You need some consistency when doing this. Your consistency will help your blog for Search engine optimization. If you spread your blog link to whole net, you will get a lot of visitors and also get a higher page rank on Search engines. And if you get higher page rank on so many Search engines, you will get plenty of other visitors from Search engines. So, it will worth your time.

Why is a list so important? A list is just a «list» of email addresses you collect by having people them «opt-in» to something like a newsletter or training course through email. The reason for having a list goes back to exposure. The more exposure you get the visitors you get. You can market to your list directly or remind them about your blog and invite them to come back to see what’s been added since their initial visit. Remember your affiliate links are hidden in your blogs, so you will want new and repeat traffic.

If you choose free traffic methods, you must have patience, because free traffic methods will take a little longer to produce visitors then paid methods.

Secondly, you can also place your bookkeeping ad in some of the high traffic classified websites. Some of these websites offer free services whereas some may charge a nominal amount. However, it is quite sure that the cost will be cheaper than placing it on your local paper. This is also why this type of websites have become more and more popular on the internet.

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